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Spin Master

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For Ronnen Harary, Anton Rabie and Ben Varadi, 1994 would forever be known as a transformational year. Armed with only $10,000 and an entrepreneurial spirit the trio set out for what can only be described as a roller coaster adventure. In the early days you could find the team elbow deep in sawdust in their garage watching their first hit literally sprout before their eyes. The Earth Buddy was a small, panty-hose-covered head filled with grass seeds that sprouted hair when watered. Becoming an unexpected hit provided the partners with a firm foundation to build their next ideas.

A collection of novelty products including Devils Sticks, Grow Things and Chatter Rings provided a keen interest in the toy aisle. But it wasn't until 1996 that the partners found the breakthrough item that would put Spin Master on the global map. Two British inventors introduced them to the ingenious concept of an air-pressurized airplane that operated using a chamber of compressed air pumped into a plane that would power a miniature one piston engine. In 1998, after much time, effort and faith, the partners launched the "Sky Shark", and the Air Hogs brand was born. The toy was both a popular and critical success, and Spin Master took off.
Career Opportunities
Spin Master is an innovative and entrepreneurial designer, marketer, and distributor of children's entertainment and lifestyle products. We hire smart, driven and focused people who share our values and want to grow with our team.

Simply put, what makes Spin Master so special is our people. Our success since day one revolves around the competence, commitment and enthusiasm of our people.

We promote an environment of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. We believe in having fun while working and growing together.
Vision & Mission
Spin Master's Vision and Mission are derived from our DNA,which is to innovate,create and entertain.

Our Vision is Make life more fun; while our Mission is Pushing the boundaries of innovation, creativity and fun.
  • Creating innovative fun stuff
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • People having fun working and growing together
  • Partnerships – Being successful together
  • Ideas – No matter where they come from
  • Integrity – Always, No fooling
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450 Front Street West.
Toronto, ON. Canada M5V1B6