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Carmichael Engineering Ltd

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Established in 1922, Carmichael remains a private, family-owned establishment, remaining true to its values and entirely focused on satisfying customer needs. Having since grown to a nation-wide presence across Canada, we employ over 300 service technicians and over 25 design specialists who are inspired to carry on the tradition of quality and pride of workmanship.

Career Opportunities

Since its foundation, Carmichael has been able to count on experts who diligently deliver superior quality services. The core strengths of Carmichael have been built through three generations of thermal systems specialists, including technicians, designers, and engineers.

From design build to maintenance and installation, each generation has passed to the next a parcel of great knowledge. That is why our technical team is one of the strongest in the country.

Our team has fostered successful long-term relationships with our employees, partners, and customers.

Carmichael invites you to experience a rewarding professional life. Join our team and become part of our long-term vision!

Regardless of the type of facility that you may be responsible for, be it for occupant comfort or industrial process applications, Carmichael offers the most comprehensive range of services for every conceivable type of building and thermal system. And, we have being offering services since 1922.
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3822 Courtrai Avenue (Montréal) H3S 1C1
T. 514-735-4361 .888-735-4361 | F. 514-735-2300