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Western Forest Products Inc

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'Western Forest Products (Western) is a diversified wood products company that sustainably manages forests and manufactures high-quality wood products on the coast of British Columbia for sale to world markets.

We source high quality fibre from five distinct coastal BC tree species, each having its own unique properties. Our access to quality fibre means our wide range of products are consistently available to discerning buyers world-wide. Western has access to 6.4 million m3 of annual harvest and is positioning itself for significant growth as a sustainable and globally competitive forest products company.

We have the largest investment in Coastal manufacturing with seven sawmills and two remanufacturing facilities and a reputation for high quality products. Western has approximately 2,000 employees with industry leading knowledge. Our high performing leadership team and valued employees are dedicated to their professions, co-workers, communities, company and customers. We are inspiring a commitment to achieve excellence. This is reflected in Western's products, processes and culture of continuous improvement and innovation.

Western practices sustainable forestry management that is environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable. With annual revenues of more than $1 billion. Western is well financed to meet the demands of our global customer base''.
Career Opportunities

The future is bright for the forest industry with wood getting well-deserved recognition as the building product of choice for many great reasons. As demand for wood continues to grow, our need for skilled, enthusiastic people increases.

A wide variety of career opportunities are available at WFP from equipment operators to accountants, forest professionals to millwrights. WFP is always interested in people with the potential to complement our dynamic teams.

Western Forest Products believes that a key strength of our organization is our employees, who are dedicated to their professions, co-workers, company and customers.  Their unique skill sets and commitment to achieving excellence are reflected in our safety results, products, processes and culture of improvement and innovation.  Investing in our people brings value and success to our business, ensuring a safe, happy, productive and continually improving workplace.
We are constantly addressing change and finding opportunities for improvement. We know we will do this better with on-the job and outside training to grow our skills. WFP wants its employees do their job as safely and effectively as they can, for the benefit of both the employee and the organization, and supports ongoing individual improvement.

WFP offers a comprehensive compensation package, including industry competitive wages, dental, health and welfare benefits, and a defined contribution pension plan or other pension benefit provided in one of their collective agreements.

Employee Health and Safety
WFP is recognized as a company that is committed to providing a healthy and safe workplace for its people and will do the utmost to ensure that all people working for the company return home safely at the end of each work day.

The key to our business is people. WFP believes in recognizing performance and celebrating employee and company successes.

Western Forest Products’ goal is to produce wood products that meet and exceed customer expectations for quality, sustainability and certification. All our systems and processes are continually being improved to satisfy our customers’ changing needs.

WFP is the leader for quality appearance and structural wood products that come from sustainably managed forests on the coast of British Columbia, Canada. We are unique in our ability to source quality wood from five coastal tree species in British Columbia. While all are renowned for their performance and durability, each species has its own unique properties.

Our 9 facilities produce a multitude of products from varying grades of framing material to timbers, decking and siding, high value kiln dried squares, specialty custom cut, components for doors, windows and mouldings and niche products for customers around the world. The beauty, dimensional stability, strength, workability and finishing attributes of WFP products make them ideal for decorative and structural applications, delivering performance and versatility that customers have trusted for over 100 years. All this is backed by experienced service agents in more than 15 locations around the world who can help source exactly what is needed, delivered on time and on specification.

Our product line is continually changing and growing. We are working with research partners on developing new products, like our sound abatement walls made of hemlock. We are partnered with companies researching the development of specialized engineered wood solutions, and exploring alternative markets, such as biofuels; building our business to continually improve and remain one of the world’s preferred suppliers of wood products.

Wood is beautiful.

Each piece of wood is a unique creation of nature.

Wood is durable.

It delivers more strength in proportion to its weight than any other material.

Wood is renewable.

All trees harvested in sustainably managed timberlands are renewed through reforestation.

Wood is an environmentally friendly product.

It is a low-impact, green alternative to energy-intensive building materials such as concrete, aluminum, steel and vinyl that must be manufactured from non-renewable resources, using petroleum and other carbon-intensive resources in their production.

Wood is biodegradable and recyclable.

Wood products decompose and naturally return to the environment, unlike most manufactured or composite building materials that can spend up to hundreds of years in landfills.

Wood is reusable.

Whether as beams or composite products, wood is reusable.

Wood is a natural insulator.

Wood insulates against heat and cold, which saves energy. In fact, wood is 400 times more effective as insulation than steel and 1800 times more effective than aluminum.

Wood is important for carbon storage.

Forests absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions that are part of the greenhouse gases connected to climate change and store carbon in the fibre of the wood they grow. Structures built from wood products continue to store this carbon, while healthy young forests continue to absorb it.

Consumers, retailers, investors and communities are taking an increased interest in how their buying decisions affect the environment for future generations, considering factors beyond the traditional attributes of price, service and quality. When all of wood’s positive attributes are factored in, it’s obvious that wood is a good choice.


Western Forest Products

Human Resource Department

201-495 Dunsmuir Street

Nanaimo, British Columbia  V9R 6B9