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Trecata Corporation

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Trecata Corporation is a leading global Management Consulting firm, helping dozens of companies around the world to achieve performance excellence and their strategic goals.

Here at Trecata, we believe that Management Consulting services can help a company reach its highest goals. Since our establishment in 2001, our passion and commitment is to drive organizations towards achieving performance excellence.

With our “hands-on” approach, we provide tailor-made solutions for both public and private companies of all shapes and sizes. Our vast experience in international organizational development and project management helps us help you develop your business strategy and organization, and more.


We maximize value for all shareholders and business divisions in your  organization by identifying investment opportunities and evaluating the  potential for synergies. We assist you in developing your strategy by  identifying the areas of activity and target markets to focus on. We  define growth drivers and viable competitive advantages through  feasibility assessments and effective implementation planning.

Trecata Corporation’s Lean program focuses on improving effectiveness by eliminating all non-value-adding activities. Our Lean approach helps our customers deliver quality products, at the right time and at a minimal cost. Our team of experts will lead you through the lean transformation using both technical lean tools and strong change management techniques to sustain the change and create a continuous improvement culture.

Organizational design starts with generating an HR strategy that aligns  with the business strategy of the organization. In organizational design  we bring our customers the latest best practice in the industry in  order to determine the optimal organizational structure, define roles  and responsibilities for every position, design career paths and perform  organizational job analysis.