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Manager, Occupational Health & Safety Program

Job Snapshot

Employee Type - Full-Time EmployeeExperience - Not SpecifiedIndustries - Construction


Primary Function:

Consulting with the QHSE Manager, the Manager, Occupational Health & Safety Program will ensure the company’s Health & Safety Program is in compliance with the OHSA and that its corporate objects are met for the company’s active large, multi-year heavy civil engineering and construction projects.


Jointly with the QHSE Manager

  • Monthly discussions on the status and outcomes of the H & S Program
  • Initiating recommendations/solutions on matters of health and safety
  • As needed discussions regarding program implementation, including staffing and operations support needs
  • Annually assess the company’s H & S Program
  • Annually assess the company’s Violence and Harassment Policy and Program, relative to the nature of work, type of work and conditions of work

Jointly with Estimating & Accounting

  • At time of contract award, inquire with Estimating regarding the safety resource budget
  • Plan to allocate safety resources according to bid (approx.5-1% of the cost of the bid)
  • Accounting to produce quarterly updates to measure the safety budget allocation

Typical Duties

  • Ensure the company’s H & S Program addresses requirements of the OHSA and applicable statute
  • Oversee the implementation, maintenance and communication of the H & S Program to employees and subcontractors
  • Coordinate all WSIB Claims and supervises the claim management process, early and safe return to work and modified work programs.
  • Recommend revisions to the H & S Program as needed or at time of annual review
  • Prepare monthly reports on the H & S Program performance and support the annual review and audit of the H & S Program
  • Direct and monitor the implementation of the H & S Program at the project level;
  • Provide guidance to Site Safety Coordinators/Officers on requirements of the H& S Program
  • Oversee the establishment of a JH&SC at projects and facilities
  • Maintain the H & S Manuals
  • Maintain records of MOL and Constructor Orders and oversee resolution of issues
  • Lead and monitor incident and accident investigations
  • Initiate disciplinary action
  • Develop and maintain content for Worker Safety Orientation and Site Specific Safety Plans
  • Prepare and refresh Safe Work Practices and Procedures, as required
  • Review records of site inspections and follow up
  • Maintain Safety Department records.
  • Maintain Safety Inventory and oversee purchasing controls and annual inspections of safety equipment inventory.


Must have experience in the Heavy Civil construction Industry

Company Description