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Buildings in our beautiful cities, where we live and work are producing 40% of the CO2 going into our atmosphere contributing to global warming. We need to HEAT, VENT and AIR CONDITION our buildings 24/7. Most of the energy consumed in a building is for our comfort and 50% of it is wasted!!! This is because buildings have little to no technology to control this.

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Parity Inc. is a software service to eliminate energy waste from buildings!! Using AI, Parity Inc. is able to predict the amount of energy needed ahead of time to operate a building to meet its residents HVAC needs and adapt the building's systems and machinery. We save our customers and building operators:

1.Time through our mobile platform that provides early alerting services when things go down

2. Reduced environmental Impact with our carbon reduction tracking, and

3. Money $$ with monthly and annual energy savings reports delivered to their email.


Join our organization in a key role during a period of tremendous growth and directly contribute to its future success. Contribute to a world changing product that is working to make the world a better place through reduced CO2 emissions in multi-residential buildings. Have the autonomy to learn and grow in a fast-moving, hyper-growth start-up environment. So far we have saved almost 14 million lbs. of CO2 emissions… yes, that’s a lot!!


We are looking for a Senior Frontend Software Developer to join our growing Engineering team, with a focus on Frontend web development in React/Redux. This is an exciting, high-impact role as the 4th member of our Engineering team, where you will be joining our team as we head into a true hyper-growth mode with a focus on building and scaling our product as quickly as possible.


  • Build highly-scalable microservices (React/Redux) for our responsive web application, implementing elegant, user-centric designs in a pixel-perfect way
  • Contribute to key decisions around frontend architecture, systems design and data infrastructure
  • Ship great code quickly in an iterative environment, and provide feedback to others through rigorous peer code reviews
  • Work closely with Product and Design as we develop our product roadmap, and ensure that the latest trends & best-practices for modern web development are included in our codebase from an early stage


  • You have 3-4 years of Engineering experience, ideally within a startup environment
  • You are very strong with Javascript (React/Redux), Gulp/Grunt or Webpack and modern web tooling/best practices
  • You are comfortable rolling up your sleeves to both develop flawless architecture and dive into nitty-gritty styling changes
  • You are eager to move fast, develop/ship great features quickly, and grow at a rapid pace
  • Bonus points if you are familiar with the Energy or HVAC fields, or if you’re p passionate about cleantech and energy
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