Project Director
Job Description

Project Director 

On behalf of our client, Procom is seeking a Project Director, who will be responsible for all phases of a project lifecycle, and lead two major teams during the delivery of the project.

Project Director Job Details

•    Providing accountability to the Project Steering Committee for the delivery of the SRM-ADP.
•    Reporting to the Project Steering Committee on a bi-weekly basis.
•    Overseeing the management of the SRM-ADP in accordance with the agreed processes and tolerances.
•    Managing day-to-day stakeholder relationships and expectations with competing interests, including the COTS Software Vendor Project Director, to ensure SRM-ADP progression.
•    Overseeing the development and maintenance of the SRM-ADP risk register and the integration of risk treatments and control activities into the project plans.
•    Approving minor variations to project schedule or scope, within agreed tolerances.
•    Preparing and/or managing Change Orders in accordance with the Change Order Process to vary scope of the Services and schedule, within agreed Project tolerances;
•    Managing and monitoring the complex SRM-ADP activities through detailed plans and schedules and preparation of reports.
•    Managing project issues and providing proposed resolution options and implementing chosen options in a timely manner.
•    Assessing the SRM-ADP progress and inspecting deliverables/milestones completion for quality assurance.

Project Director Mandatory Skills

•    Relevancy – experience and knowledge of the tax administration, non-tax administration and revenue administration.
o    Experience and knowledge of the Revenue Division and/or working in a public-sector organization.
•    IM/IT Project experience – demonstrated experience and knowledge of IM/IT development projects and direct involvement with past successful implementations of public sector IM/IT projects.
o    Knowledge and understanding of IM/IT conversion activities between complex environments on different platforms with different data structures.
o    Experience with application design and development life cycle, and aspects of IT privacy and security.
•    Project Management – demonstrated experience of project management methodologies and best practices including planning, establishing priorities and allocating resources in projects with similar in size and complexity across multiple stakeholders.
o    Monitoring and adjusting work to accomplish goals and deliver to the organization’s mandate.
•    Resource Management – determining resource requirements, team member roles and responsibilities, allocate resources and monitor project schedule and milestones.
•    Stakeholder and Relationship management – managing complex partnerships where different parties have a piece of the critical path and different levels of investment in the timelines and outcomes.
o    Experience with multi stakeholder projects where the ability to influence vendors and agencies is not directly under your control.
•    Strategic Orientation – experience developing IM/IT strategies, concepts and plans.

o    Advise on business impacts of systems changes, including facilitation of meetings with stakeholders to resolve issues concerned with proposed systems/program change.
•    Communications – excellent oral and written communications and the ability to communicate effectively across a broad range of stakeholders from executive to technical resources.
•    Leadership – experience leading diverse, complex teams and working with Senior Executives (i.e. Executive Director and above).
•    Change Management – experience managing change, communicating widely, handling resistance to change and facilitating implementation of successful change actions.
•    Risk Management – experience identifying risks and developing strategies to prevent them from occurring or minimize their impact to the project if they do occur.
•    Issue Management – experience identifying issues and resolving them before they become critical.

Project Director Start Date


Project Director Duration

24 months, high chance of 1 year extension

Project Director Location

Downtown, Victoria

Job Requirements


Company Overview

For 35 years, Procom has been pushing the envelope in North American IT staffing solutions. Driven by a senior management team of seasoned recruitment professionals, we have offices in 14 locations in the US and Canada and service all major IT markets.

When we started out in 1978, tech jobs were just being integrated into the workplace. We have been a part of shaping the landscape of IT in Canada ever since, placing IT consultants in major businesses in all sectors, including banking, telecommunications, and retail.

Through all the peaks and valleys of the IT industry, we have consistently done one thing: helping IT professionals discover the next chapter in their career.

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