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Job Snapshot

Employee Type - Full-Time EmployeeExperience - Not SpecifiedIndustries - Manufacturing



This position's objective is to direct and supervise a unionized labour force of between 10 and 25 employees per shift on a 2 to 3 rotaing shift basis, working underground and/or surface.  This role places emphasis on safe and cost efficient method of mining, hoisting, production and shipping of rock salt, while ensuring that production meets acceptable levels of product quality.  This position may also be responsible for maintenance employees on certain shifts, as deemed necessary.


The Production Foreman is one of five Foremen reporting directly to the Production Manager. There are no salary positions reporting to the Production Foreman.
- Supervise the hoisting and mining of rock salt in sufficient quality and quantity to ensure continued production.
- In conjunction with the Production Manager, plan workforce requirements to ensure adequate coverage to meet the needs of the overall production schedule.
- Ensure continued production by proper and just application of the Company/Union Agreement and to use discipline when necessary.
- To provide for the well being of the employees under his supervision by training and proper work procedures, by maintaining housekeeping objectives in compliance with government regulations, company programs and policies.
- To be an advocate of continuous improvement and a catalyst for change, including the effective management of the change process

- Review and ensure incident investigations and reports related to the department are completed according to acceptable standards and in a timely fashion.
- Monitor and ensure workplace planned safety inspections and tests related to the department are completed according to acceptable standards and in a timely fashion.
- Monitor and ensure corrective actions related to the department and stemming from incident investigations, workplace inspections, safety audits and JOHS recommendations are responded to and completed in a timely fashion.
- Promote the goal of 100 percent attendance at monthly department safety meetings, and provide logistical support to ensure quality presentations in a timely fashion. All aspects of Rock Salt mining and hoisting in the required quantities and quality to meet customer demands.


- 3 - 6 years of mining experience, preferred at least one of those years in a supervisory position. Working experience in Underground Salt, Hard Rock or Mill.
- Engineering degree in Mining - EIT or Eligible for APENS.
- Ability to supervisor and motivate a team.
- Knowledgeable in Nova Scotia Mining regulations.
- Able to multi-task and work under stressful situations.
- Demonstrates ability to cooperate with co-workers and supervisors.
- Ability to clearly communicate verbally and in writing.
- Basic computer skills in Word and Excel.  SAP experience a plus.
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