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Job Snapshot

Employee Type - Full-Time EmployeeExperience - Not SpecifiedIndustries - Professional Services


CBC Digital Products is the country’s biggest digital startup, taking on the challenges of innovating how Canadians’ stories are told. We are also part of Canada’s oldest and truest broadcasting company. We are trying new things. We are growing. As an entity of our own. As a voice for our country. As a team.

Digital is a part of our present and all of our future. CBC’s strategy is focused on becoming a digital-first organization that provides a digital platform for storytellers. Our mission is to engage our audience with stories they care about.

The opportunity

We have a newly created opportunity for a Data Architect who wants to influence and collaborate with content management and product intelligence teams. This is an opportunity to play an integral role in building CBC’s core digital infrastructure and transforming us into a data driven organization. It’s a chance to establish data standards, improve how we manage metadata, and be a part of the technical leadership that envisions and implements the digital media organization of the future. As the new Data Architect, you will enable the application of machine learning to create personalized experiences for our audience. 

If you're passionate about Canada and you love technology, learning and bringing out the best in others, you’ll love working at CBC. 

Who you are and where are you now?

You are a Data Architect or Technical Team Lead with expertise guiding the work of a team building a data transformation or analytics platform. Broadcast or Digital Media would be a huge bonus. Beyond your technical depth, you also know how to work with product managers and application architects to inform and influence technical design decisions. You have deep knowledge of data design and standard practices. You can articulate why we should do something, not just the how.

What’s in it for you?

Cutting edge tech. You will be a member of our technical leadership team, shaping how we design and engineer our portfolio of digital products. You will be instrumental in enabling our product intelligence teams to execute on a personalization strategy that will increase our ability to learn about and engage with our audience.

Belonging. You will forge internal relationships across teams. You will work closely with Engineers, IT, Designers, Machine Intelligence Developers, and Analysts to develop a more collaborative approach on how to establish, implement, and manage data standards across our offerings Watch, Listen and Feed.  Our multiple teams provide the systems to deliver content to our audience through these three pillars in real time with scalable, highly available software.

Career growth. You will deepen your skills as a technologist, a leader and a relationship builder as you work with the size and scale of our content, our data and the demands of our audience. Your work will enable the CBC to quickly and scalably adapt to new platforms and new ways of presenting content and interacting with audiences.

How you will make a difference:

  • Be an influencer in the future of building CBC’s core infrastructure. You will enlighten and guide the team to understand how profile and content data can be utilized to enable better personalization of our digital products. 
  • Implement standards. You will use your software engineering and data design expertise to guide the team on establishing data standards, making meta-data more discoverable and usable, and making decisions on where data should be stored.
  • Drive alignment. You will help align our product roadmaps, listen to the needs of the business, and explain technology choices to the broader CBC.
  • Nurture a culture of collaboration, learning, creativity and fun. You will influence the work of application architects and developers across teams providing mentorship and direction.

Why join us? 

CBC/Radio-Canada reflects our Canadian identity and promotes democracy. We strive to represent the voices of the country and support social and economic innovation. Our values - collaboration, learning and continuous improvement - embody who we are as a people-focused, digital-forward employer. We offer a rare-in-tech work-life balance with flexible schedules and an excellent benefits package; we want to ensure you are happy in and out of the office. 

Collaboration. We follow lean startup principles and use an Agile approach. Our dedicated people managers work closely with every individual to ensure we are leveraging their strengths, championing their ideas and supporting their pursuit of new skills and career progression. 

Learning. From simply buying a book or recommending a course to one-on-ones, our leadership team is focused on creating an atmosphere where people feel fulfilled. Our team members are given opportunities to learn and work cross-functionally across multiple projects. 

Continuous improvement. What can you innovate in 8 hours a week? Our Digital department at CBC recognizes just how smart, creative and inventive our team members are. From prototyping new UI/UX to setting up dev environments to experiment on and learning new programming languages to creating improved search functions for our media. Wherever your interests lie, your 20% time is yours to allocate in a productive and professionally gratifying way. 

What you bring:

  • The education. A University degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering is preferred, but we know not everyone gains their skills this way.
  • The technical expertise. You have hands-on experience working with content management, customer data management, and analytics platforms. You understand and can address from an architectural perspective:
    • Different data architectures (e.g., relational, NoSQL, lambda, kappa).
    • Schema Design.
    • Federated data sources.
    • Data transformation techniques.
    • Data cleanliness strategies.
    • APIs - how they send and receive data.
    • Data security and privacy. 
    • Mission critical software engineering (including data store performance optimization).
    • Scalable architecture for systems reaching millions of users with large data sets.
  • The knowledge. Data science and machine intelligence would be a huge bonus. At a minimum, you understand the data needs of these capabilities and can work with data scientists to design or source their data requirements. You embrace new technology and continue to familiarize yourself by applying new tools and processes.
  • The leadership experience. You have a deep understanding of how to inspire and guide the work of a team and you can nurture strong two-way relationships with technical teams, peers, executives and other stakeholders. 
  • The analytical approach. You are a strategic thinker and an idea-generator. You have the patience to consider all options before jumping into a decision and the imagination to put forward and inspire big ideas. You are familiar with industry standard practices and comfortable communicating with your stakeholders.

To apply:

Think this job is meant for you but worried you don’t have it all? At CBC we know that not everyone takes the same path when it comes to building their skills. You can read about the various backgrounds the talented people that make up our team bring to us here.

Hands-on experience, intelligence, innovation, a passion for learning and a team-focused approach can combine to form the best set of qualifications. If you feel you meet all or most of the qualifications we are seeking; and you are excited by the possibility of growing our company, please click on the link to apply.

In becoming the leader in expressing Canadian culture and enriching democratic life, we need to be as diverse in every way as the country we serve, both within our workforce and on air. As an employer, we value equal opportunity and nurture an inclusive workplace where our individual differences are not only recognized and valued, but also extend to and pervade all the services we provide as Canada's public broadcaster.

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