Job Description

Company Introduction
This position is for Massiv Die-Form, a division of Cosma International. Cosma International, an operating unit of Magna International, is one of the world's premier global automotive suppliers providing a comprehensive range of body, chassis, and engineering solutions to our customers. Our pioneering technology and creativity allows our customers to ask for solutions that lie beyond what they previously thought was possible. Massiv Die-Form, a division of Magna International, designs and builds medium to large cast automotive and hot stamping dies. Massiv Die-Form is proudly committed to manufacture products of the highest quality, reliability, maintainability and durability for the global automotive market through skilled and dedicated people focused on total customer satisfaction, ongoing protection of the environment and the profitable well-being of our company.

Major Responsibilities
* Read/interpret blueprints, SMIRT designs accurately. * Familiar with a CAM software * Set up, program, and operate CNC Milling Machines accurately and efficiently. * Select appropriate cutting tools as required. * Perform quality checks on an ongoing basis to ensure product is within tolerance. * Set example for and provide continuous training to machine apprentices and fellow employees as assigned. * Familiar with OKK c/w Fanuc 18iM control * Ability to operate Matsuura H Plus 405 c/w Fanuc G Tech 30i control and Makino A71 c/e with Fanuc Pro 5 Control. * Ability to operate a Okuma Horizontal and Vertical Machines c/w OSP E100M, U100, P200M Controllers * Fill out machine/job book on a daily basis and communicate necessary information to Leadhands and co-workers from shift to shift. * Operate overhead crane. * Responsible for applicable QEMS policies, procedures and work instructions * Required to train employees on policies, procedures & job specific work instructions applicable to work area according to QEMS * Perform other related duties as required and assigned. * Responsible to carry out duties for Health, Safety, and Environment in accordance with the HS&E Agreement for Supervisor/Leadhand - Addendum

Skills and Competencies
* Recognized Certificate of Qualification as Machinist or equivalent work experience * Good knowledge of cutting tools and capable of obtaining maximum performance * Proficiency with Tebis programming & simulation software. * Must be fully competent with Tebis V 3.5 r4 minimum. * Must be fully competent with Okuma E, U and P series controls, Fanuc 160 is M, GTech 30 and Pro 5 series controls, Heidenhain iTNC 530 control. * Proven track record using the latest tooling and fixturing. * Familiar with latest CNC Machining strategies. * Excellent communication and organizational skills. * Excellent working knowledge of production facility, systems and equipment. * Excellent organizational skills and scheduling abilities. * Demonstrated leadership capabilities. * Orientation, WHMIS, Fire Extinguisher, CI Suggestion Program, SMIRT Training, Lemoine (Pulse Operator Training), ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 training as prescribed by QEMS (see matrixes) * Fair & Effective Discipline, managing Performance, Communication Skills, Supervisor Competency, First Aid, Managing the Employee Charter, EAP Awareness, Harassment & Discrimination, Fairness Committee Overview, AODA, Practical Ethics, Magna's Code of Conduct

Additional Information
Accommodations for disabilities in relations to the job selection process are available upon request.

Job Requirements


Company Overview

We are a leading global automotive supplier with 317 manufacturing operations and 102 product development, engineering and sales centres in 29 countries. We have over 155,000 employees focused on delivering superior value to our customers through innovative processes and World Class Manufacturing.

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