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Safe-Guard Products International, LLC

Private Automotive - Motor Vehicles - Parts


Safe-Guard provides products and solutions to the motor vehicle industry that protect consumers from the perils of ownership. Our products complement manufacturers’ warranties both during and after the factory warranty period.

Safe-Guard is driven by the steadfast commitment to provide unparalleled service and the highest quality protection products. We believe in innovation, transparency, and exceptional service for all our customers, and are committed to serving the world’s premier dealers, manufacturers and finance and insurance agencies - providing products and services that protect consumers while enhancing the ownership experience.

Career Opportunities

Safe-Guard Products International is entrepreneurial in spirit, ambitious in nature and innovative by design. While other companies rest and reflect upon reaching a new milestone, we keep going, growing and expanding. We continually identify new opportunities, develop and fine-tune new solutions and work tirelessly to deliver an exceptional and uncomplicated experience for the benefit of our customers and partners worldwide.

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Safe-Guard Products International, LLC

Two Concourse Parkway, Suite 500
Atlanta, Georgia 30328

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