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Creative ways to get noticed by employers on social media

From making flippant racial remarks to posting unhygienic pictures on the job at a fast food restaurant, there are larger-than-life instances of what NOT to do on social media. On the flip side, social media could work in your favor if you’re looking for a job — if you do it right.

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10 jobs where you can make a difference in the world

We tend to think of good jobs in terms of things like salary and benefits, but for many one of the most important factors is feeling like their job has purpose. If you’re looking for a way to make a bigger positive impact on the world, here are 10 jobs you might consider..

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What to Know About Writing a Resume

Whether you’re a recent graduate applying for your first job or a workforce veteran who has held the same job for years, you may need some help – or a helpful reminder – on what a resume should look like and what should be included.

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The Info You’ll Need to Complete a Job Application

Filling out job applications can be tedious business and often requires sharing a lot of information about yourself. While it’s obvious why employers ask for basic information such as your age and contact information, some of their requests may seem a little out of left field.

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