C++ Programmer
Job Description

ROLE: Applications Programmer (19959)

LOCATION: Scarborough, ON



Reporting to the IT Manager, this position is primarily responsible for the coding Automation Solutions. The position will require working with advanced technologies. The position will require advanced knowledge of programming, working on writing code to build Automation Solutions. The selected individual will ensure that Automation requirements are met, and work with other teams to effectively provide Automation solutions, create and design Automations to ensure the requirements can be met, are adequately tested, appropriate documentation is created and change management policies are followed.

Working in the Automation area requires a vast and deep knowledge of how different technologies work together. The individual will have a detailed technical understanding of different applications and Tools, service and application layers, how Orchestration Tools such as PTC Integrity MKS and HPOO are utilized within the Bank.

The Automation Solutions and associated services provided by the client must be delivered in a reliable, timely and consistent manner as they are often a key component in large initiatives that have tight timelines, business and technical requirements.

The successful candidate will work on coding automation solutions in PTC Integrity and HPOO using knowledge on the included but not limited to the programming languages: C++, JAVA, Perl, BASH scripting, Python, RegEx, HTML, XML, JSON.

Department Overview

This position is part of the Core Infrastructure Systems department, with responsibilities for coding Automation Solutions.

As part of a dedicated team, the perfect candidate will be responsible to deliver solutions for automating tasks that are currently done manually. Some of these solutions include but are not limited to:

  • Servers Management
  • Health checks
  • Audit
  • Attestations
  • Reporting
  • Automate front line remediation actions based on alerts
  • User Access Management

Job Requirements


  1. C++ * 8 yrs
  2. JAVA/JSON * 8 yrs
  3. Perl * 8 yrs
  4. BASH Reporting * 8 yrs
  5. Python * 8 yrs
  6. HTML/XML * 8 yrs
  7. MKS/Integrity * 8 yrs
  8. HPOO (Hewlett Packard operation orchestration) –software that allows automation or routine IT tasks * 8 yrs
  9. A strong Source Code Specialist that provides 2nd or 3rd level support to Project Teams (not technical support but Project) – Excellent communication/interpersonal skills * 8 yrs


  • Banking/Financial Industry experience
  • Any certifications as developer

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