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Month: May 2012

What the executive office looks like

The corner office isn’t where most of us sit (if we get to sit at all on the job). For the average worker, senior leadership positions are difficult to come by and something you spend much of your career working toward. That is if you even want a leadership role — not everyone strives for the responsibility and headaches that come with the position. But for those workers hoping to land an executive role, the outlook is brighter today than it was six months ago.

In the coming six months, 31 per cent of employers plan to hire for executive-level positions, finds a new survey of U.S. employers from CareerBuilder and This is 6 per cent higher than the same survey found in October 2011. Continue reading What the executive office looks like

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A pre-graduation job search action plan

Graduating from university soon? As the “real world” looms, keep in mind these words of wisdom from Thomas Edison: “Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning.”

While a lucky few from the Class of 2012 will secure employment opportunities with minimal effort, the majority of graduates will need to work hard to launch their careers. Use your remaining time in school to your advantage by following these 10 job-search steps: Continue reading A pre-graduation job search action plan

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How to conduct a job search with a criminal record

Seventy-three per cent of human resources professionals said their company, or an agency hired by their company, conducted criminal background checks for all job candidates, according to a 2010 survey by the Society for Human Resource Management. That you may undergo a background check upon applying for a job isn’t noteworthy, but for job seekers with a criminal record it can feel like an inevitable uphill battle.

“While persons with a criminal record cannot be discriminated against, they may be prohibited from working in some industries such as health care and financial services,” says Bruce Hurwitz, president and CEO of Hurwitz Strategic Staffing. “Except in rare cases, employers will want to do a background check on the candidate.” Continue reading How to conduct a job search with a criminal record

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Timeless — and tired — job-search tactics

Unless you’re looking for work at a medieval-themed restaurant, the last impression you want to give an employer is of being behind the times. That’s one reason many job seekers become preoccupied with using only the latest tools and techniques to find a job. As a result, they often neglect some successful time-tested methods.

Of course, plenty of traditional techniques have gone extinct for good reason. Before you go retro, distinguish the do’s from the don’ts. Here are some low-tech methods worth reviving. They can help you stand out and make a positive impression no matter the era. Continue reading Timeless — and tired — job-search tactics

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6 summer networking strategies

Summer brings about many of the same thoughts as Christmastime when it comes to networking. It’s easy to make excuses for taking time off: People are out of the office or not in the mood to deal with work-related issues. But just because the beach is beckoning doesn’t mean your efforts should be taking a vacation. Consider these six ways to make the most of the season and maybe even have some fun in the process: Continue reading 6 summer networking strategies

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Three ways to increase your career security

The term “career security” may sound like an oxymoron in today’s world of work. Understandably so. After all, few people expect lifelong commitments from employers anymore.

 But even if an employer can’t be counted on to offer stability, accounting and finance professionals can take certain actions to create their own safety net. Here are three things you can do to obtain greater career security and peace of mind: Continue reading Three ways to increase your career security

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Career pathing: Keep to yourself or discuss with your boss?

When it comes to mapping out your career, you can’t do it alone. But it’s not always easy to ask for help in reaching your long-term goals. If you think you’re ready to move up within your company, or even move beyond your company, can you tell your boss?

Jessica Campbell, human-resources manager for voice-over talent marketplace, recommends taking the time to sit down and figure out what you want from your career. That way you’ll be better able to determine the necessary milestones for meeting your goals and whether you’re ready to share your thoughts with your boss. Continue reading Career pathing: Keep to yourself or discuss with your boss?

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How your boss can help you be happier at your job

Employees often benefit from the advice and mentorship of a great boss. If a worker is having an issue that prevents him from being completely satisfied with his job, a simple conversation with his boss could change things for the better. Yet bosses aren’t always the most approachable people, and it can be intimidating to bring something other than good news to your manager’s attention.

Job seekers were asked to identify ways their bosses could help them have higher job satisfaction. Here are the issues they identified, along with tips on how to broach each topic with your boss. Continue reading How your boss can help you be happier at your job

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Working moms are happy moms, survey says

How do working moms manage to juggle work life and home life without 10 extra hands? Turns out, they seem to be doing just fine.

According to a recent survey from, 78 per cent of working moms say they enjoy being a working parent. The survey, which polled 1,000 women with children under 18, found that not only are working moms content with their position, most don’t think their work inhibits their ability to be a good parent, and vice versa.

In fact, working mothers cited a number of benefits to their dual roles, including: Continue reading Working moms are happy moms, survey says

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Don’t give these answers during your interview

After receiving a call from an employer inviting you in for an interview, it’s common to feel simultaneously ecstatic, relieved and nervous. One of the best ways to calm those nerves is to be prepared for the interview. To do so, try and anticipate what questions the employer might ask. While at times questions can get tricky, for the most part employers ask straightforward questions that help them get to know your personality as well as your ability to think on your feet.

Yet even if a job seeker is prepared, nerves can still cause stumbles. To help, here are four of the most common interview questions and tips on how you should — and shouldn’t — answer them. Continue reading Don’t give these answers during your interview

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