If you’re looking for a job this summer to fill the warm-weather months, you’re in luck. According to CareerBuilder.ca’s summer hiring forecast, 43 per cent of employers plan to hire seasonal workers this summer.

And if you’re hoping that job continues as the weather turns cooler, the news is also encouraging. Forty-eight per cent employers hiring during the summer will be considering seasonal staff for permanent positions.

So, how do you turn your seasonal job into a permanent role? Read More 6 Tips for Turning a Summer Job into a Full-Time Career

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Your application was submitted without a hitch. Your cover letter and CV were flawless. Your interview couldn’t have gone any better. Nothing should be standing in the way of getting hired, right?

While you may look like the perfect candidate on paper and in person, your online presence may be telling employers a different story, and that could cause them to pass you over for employment. Read More How to Get Hired Based on Your Social Media Presence

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In today’s fast-paced world of emails and video conference calls, fewer professionals have time to enjoy a lengthy business lunch – but that doesn’t mean you should underestimate their importance. Whether you’re invited to a lunchtime interview or need to impress a client, maintaining a professional image is a must. Ensure you behave appropriately with our refresher guide to lunch etiquette. Read More Tips for Having a Successful Business Lunch

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Greater levels of movement in the workforce—people leaving old jobs and taking new jobs, or churn—are a good indicator of how confidently an economy is acting. The 2015 economy is still…

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