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Penncorp Life Insurance

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A History of Success...

Backed by a tradition of excellence, Penncorp has grown to become one of Canada's leading specialty disability insurance companies, focusing on the income protection needs of the self employed, small business owners and qualified individuals in skilled trades and blue collar occupations.

Provider of Choice...

To better serve you, Penncorp has branch offices and field representatives in every province across Canada. From coast to coast, thousands of Canadians like you, depend on us for customized insurance protection. Our representatives are licensed professionals with the experience and knowledge to ensure you have the coverage best suited to your needs. Supported by a team of experienced and friendly home office staff, we will give you the highest level of service and individual attention.

A Secure Future...

Penncorp maintains a strong financial position, managing assets of nearly $250 million and serving over 110,000 policyholders. Every month Penncorp pays benefits in excess of $2,000,000 to our clients. Member company of La Capitale Financial Group.

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In 2007, Penncorp adopted our core Business values from our parent company. The foundations of our Company shine through in the values it promotes, both in terms of our day-to-day management and our strategic directions for the future. Our values guide and influence our decisions and actions. They are inherent to our beliefs, our practices and our ability to work as a team to meet the needs of our clients. 1. INTEGRITY To assure clients, employees and business partners of solid governance and healthy management practices. Employees are well informed as to their responsibilities and obligations to ensure the integrity of the company. 2. PROFITABILITY To aim to achieve levels of efficiency and effectiveness that will ensure the profitability, sustainable development and longevity of the Company and serve as a solid foundation for development reflecting the solidarity of a responsible and truly human economy. 3. QUALITY OF SERVICE To strive for excellence, offer quality service and remain close to our clients. This commitment is expressed through our consistent efforts to react to the changing needs of our clients by providing up-to-date information and personalized advice and offering appropriate financial solutions. 4. CONTROLLED GROWTH To ensure the secure, harmonious growth of the Company through the development of its economic and financial levers and a dynamic, rational and prudent use of its financial capacities. 5. EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION To provide employees of the Company with a professional environment and working conditions that are stimulating and characterized by respect, recognition, accountability and active listening.
Our Mission
Penncorp provides financial security by specializing in simplified, personal disability insurance and financial solutions that fit the unique needs of Canada’s self-employed, skilled tradespeople and other individuals who do not have easy access to traditional insurance and financial products.
Contact Us
Penncorp Life Insurance Company - MISSISSAUGA

Home Office:
7150 Derrycrest Drive
Mississauga ON L5W 0E5
Tel: 1 800 268-2835
Fax: 905 795-2316
MGA: 1.877.526.3211