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Givex is a global provider of gift, loyalty and other closed loop card technologies that help our clients increase customer acquisition and retention. Our strength is the people, energy and experience we apply to make card management easy and keep our partners competitive.

Founded in 1999, Givex is a privately held corporation with operating offices in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Bahamas and Australia. Here are some of the qualities that set us apart:

Experience. Excellence.
Our superior technology is only part of the reason why more than 1,500 clients worldwide continue to use Givex. Our global team is dedicated to our “Experience. Excellence.” promise. We provide an automatic assurance support package to each and every client. Whether it’s 24/7 support or hassle-free upgrades, our clients know that they can count on us to provide everything necessary for their success.

A Global Leader
As our client, you also benefit from our global presence in over 50 countries and deep stable of partnerships and alliances. Regardless of where you operate, Givex draws upon the best practices and latest developments from all markets to give you results.
Givex Corporation is an innovative and rapidly growing high tech company, providing Gift and Loyalty cards and POS solutions with clients in more than 50 countries.

With offices in CANADA, USA, UK, AUSTRALIA, BRAZIL, HONG KONG and CHINA we are continuing to grow and are seeking hard working, dedicated career minded individuals to join our young and energetic team of professionals.
GB Chocolates now live with Vexilor, the Cloud-based Tablet POS System from Givex!

New York- Jan 14 2013 - Givex, a global technology company, just announced at the National Retail Federation (NRF) Retail’s BIG Show that GB Chocolates, a franchisee of Fannie May, is now using Vexilor the new cloud-based POS system for Retail, developed by Givex to take advantage of their full range of CRM solutions, including stored value, gift, loyalty, campaign management and Analytics.

Vexilor is a cost-effective POS System that gives merchants the power to run and analyze their business on an easy-to-use tablet connected to the Givex Cloud. Clients can remotely receive up-to-date sales, productivity and operational data.  New releases and free enhancements are scheduled throughout the year. Best of all, because of Vexilor’s cloud-based model, businesses will not need hardware or software upgrades to make use of them. With Vexilor,merchants can count on the fact that they will always be on the cusp of the latest technology.

“GB Chocolates set out to find a point of sale solution that was inexpensive and designed for growth. Vexilor by Givex provides us with a POS system specifically tailored to our retail business at a very reasonable price. It’s important to us to have a POS system that is easy to learn and gives us the control we need to run our growing business,” says Jerad Ducklow, VP of Operations and Development at GB Chocolates, LLC.
Corporate Responsibility
Givex has changed the way we operate to be more environmentally responsible, an ideal we share with our suppliers and partners. We are proud to offer our customers more environmentally friendly product options, such as cards containing recycled material and PLA (corn-based plastic) cards instead of traditional PVC. Greener card products help our clients with their environmental initiatives and contribute to positive change in manufacturing. We listen to our clients to develop our eco-friendly product list.

Some of our eco-friendly products include:
  • Recycled PVC cards

  • PLA cards

  • Paper stock cards

  • Soy-based inks for gift card carrier

  • Recycled material for gift card carrier

We are even developing a new service for clients to shred and recycle deactivated cards. Givex continuously rethinks how we operate and looks for ways we can do better for the environment.
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